Blacklisted Mobile Phones - buyer beware!

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What "Blacklisted" means when buying a reconditioned / second hand mobile phone

As the UK's largest provider of second hand / reconditioned / 14 day return mobiles we are seeing an increasing amount of handset fraud from buying a second hand/reconditioned phone from unauthorised resellers or unscrupulous members of the public. BEFORE buying a second hand phone on eBay, Gumtree or anywhere else for that matter, please read the following guide as to what you may be letting yourself in for......

Buyers Beware:

- Buyer purchases a mobile phone through ebay or website that they think is legitimate, and at the time often is. Unlocked phones can go for hundreds of pounds.
- Once sold, sometime down the line (normally after ebayers return period and timeframe to  open a eBay dispute has passed), the seller then registers the handset as lost or stolen giving the police or insurance company the model & IMEI number (phone id number). That's all they need to be able to do this and is very easy to find.
- Once registered as lost or stolen, the police, in tandem with network operators can then block the phone so no calls or texts can be made. You will only know this has happened by the handset saying "no Sim" even though there is one inside the handset.
- This leaves the phone useless (blocked) and the buyer out of pocket as the period of time has passed to make a complaint through eBay or PayPal protection scheme, there is realistically nothing buyer can do.
- The only way to unblock the phone is then to contact the police and this process can take months, working with numerous authorities and network providers etc. We know as we work with them all the time to try and stop this type of fraud.
- The original seller will blame how you have not looked after it or blame the network or basically come up with any excuse other than what has actually happened. With no warranty or protection you're doomed!
- Don't risk it, buy from us today!
- We carry over 35,000 handsets at any one time and we carry out a full "Blacklist Test" on all our handsets. We can also offer up to 24 months warranty for your piece of mind
- If not, best of luck but remember "we did tell you so"!
Avoid This Happening to YOU!
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Avoid This Happening to YOU!
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