Blackmail Feedback

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Be warned!  There are people out there who take your money, don't send the item, then when you leave them negative feed back they do the same to you.

You will then get an email saying the only way they will with draw they're negative feedback is if you do a mutual withdrawal.  Even though they are the ones at fault.

This puts all Ebay Sellers in a bad light so please don't let this happen any more!  Before you place an order check out the persons feedback.  Don't assume that negative and positive feedback tells you all you need to know!  See if they have ever had a mutual withdrawal and check why.

It's possible for some one to have a mutual withdrawal with out there being any problems!  But some one who has 5 or 6 a month must spark alarm bells!!!

Please don't be taken in, it makes Ebay look bad if it keeps happening.

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