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More blackmail feedback from a seller calling himself ipodstuff-uk. You buy items from this seller who tells you he is a UK seller, when it seems he is actually a drop shipper for some supplier in China.

I avoid out of country sellers like the plague. His supplier lets him down, after a couple of weeks you complain, he tells you goods dispatched. More time passes now the emails you send are ignored so you recover by Ebay's protection policy and finally you leave the seller negative feedback. You never did get the goods that you paid for within one hour of end of auction. By now you are just one of many who seller has done this to. Just read the feedback.

Now you have spent money and paid promptly and the seller gives you negative feedback claiming he refunded you and then you gave him negative feedback. Totally untrue and of course you receive an email inviting you to mutually withdraw. Sorry I do not give in to blackmail of any sort. By the way do not expect Ebay to withdraw the sellers unfair feedback. They are not interested unless you fork out for a court order first. They need to get their act together if they wish to be seen as a fair trading company.

Below is an extract from an email I rewrote to comply with Ebay's no copy and paste rule in these giudes.

To some extent I dismissed this sellers recent bad feedback as only a few negatives were being posted at the time as the seller had many thousands of feedback answers and a reasonable percentage of which were good. But then the bad feedback was snowballing and many were in the same situation as myself. If the seller was honest they would have not tried the undeserved negative feedback with the immediate request for mutual withdrawal.

Dear feminakitten,
ipodstuff-uk has filed a request to mutually withdraw feedback for the transaction shown below. eBay allows members to withdraw feedback for a transaction if they both agree it is no longer appropriate.  If you agree to this request, the feedback you received AND any feedback you left for this transaction will be withdrawn at the same time. Withdrawn feedback remains in both members' profiles but is no longer counted in the feedback score. If you have not left feedback for this transaction, you may still agree to this request, but you will not be able to leave feedback at a later date. 


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