Blank DVD -R, DVD+R,DVD+RW,DVD-RW (Freepost & Cheap)

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I wondered how the prices of DVD blank media could be sold so much cheaper than on the high street. The usual answer is they are not paying high street rents. This is not the answer.The more expensive products you buy on the high street will have a failure rate of less than five percent maximum and a failure to burn is typically about one percent. Cheap bulk buys of well known brands in cakes of 25 to 100 have a failure rate up to 30 (thirty) percent. I have researched this with a few forums and friends and associates and although the bulk buy seem cheaper they work out just as dear if not dearer than the proper versions. Then if you factor in your time, patience and blood pressure. what have you saved .
 The software for determining if a blank is a fake or the real thing can be downloaded free, but the machine you use to burn must be top quality for it to have any meaning.
 Pirate dvd,s sold in street markets are usually bad in operation and the assumption is they were copied from bad masters; that is half the truth, but the rest of the equation is that the blanks are cheap fakes.
 If you have problems with the product bought on the high street you have some redress. But here, you may find on Google Earth there is actually no location, or the location with one million dvd.s is the size of a garden shed. or a residential property used as a clearing house for its address,its non-chinese address.
 Buyer Beware; if the price seems cheap perhaps it is because the quality is cheaper.
 Chinese junk used to refer to the ship; now it means the cargo.
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