Blank Insert Keyrings Styles and Sizes

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Know Your Blank Insert Keyrings Sizes

Image2000plus supply on eBay a full range of Blank Insert Keyring which enable you to express your creativity and create your own keyrings.

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We supply a full range of styles and sizes to suit all applications. From the compact Y1 to the Giant L4.

This short guide puts together in one place a quick reference to the styles, external and insert dimensions of the keyrings we sell.

Also available is our KissCut paper which is pre-cut with the paper inserts.

Creating insert products with Image2000plus's Kisscut paper is now just a 3 part process:

1. Print Inserts on your home or work printer on our KissCut paper.
2. Peel paper insert from printed sheet (No Cutting) and place in insert product.
3. Click closed insert product.



P5 : Ergonomically shaped, our most popular keyring.
I1 : Round Shape, lots of possibilities.
U1 : Mid Sized keyring that is anything by Square , ok is square.
S5 : Classic practical keyring.
Y1 : A compact great value keyring.
A5 : Passport photo sized keyring with framed window.
S3 : Tagged with PVC attachment.
L4 : A large keyring with HUGE potential.
G1 : Easy to open with a coin, smart rectangular shape.
F1 : Convex shaped keyring which magnifies your insert.
Shaped Keyrings: Heart, T-shirt, Van, Telephone, Mobile.
D2 : Interesting shape to spark your imagination.
R1 : Bottle Opener Keyring.
C1 : Mid Sized Keyring

External Sizes

P5 : 35 x 59mm
I1 : 40 x 45mm
U1 : 39 x 45mm
S5 : 43 x 68mm
Y1 : 30 x 47mm
A5 : 46 x 73mm
S3 : 43 x 68mm
L4 : 55 x 95mm
G1 : 37 x 63mm
F1 : 27 x 63mm
Shaped Keyrings: Template
D2: 29 x 81mm
R1 : 47 x 97mm
C1: 41 x 63mm

Insert Size

P5 : 24 x 35mm
I1 : 33mm dia
U1 : 32 x 32mm
S5 : 32 x 40mm
Y1 : 24 x 35mm
A5 : 35 x 45mm
S3 : 32 x 40mm
L4 : 45 x 70mm
G1 : 30 x 50mm
F1 : 20 x 50mm
Shaped Keyrings: Template
D2 : 23 x 68mm
R1 : 32 x 40mm
C1: 35 x 50mm

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N1 : Square
V1 : Round

External Sizes

N1 : 100 x 100mm
V1 : 100mm dia

Insert Size

N1 : 90 x 90mm
V1 : 90mm dia

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