Blatant non payers.

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How many of you out there have auctioned off your things on eBay, yeah i know, stupid question.  I recently put up an item for auction, which i only wanted to sell in the UK.  I put on a delivery charge for the UK only, and an international bidder won the auction, OK you think nothing wrong there, I sent him an invoice telling him how much i had been quoted by parcelforce (Since he didn't aske me for a delivery price before hand) and he said he didn't want to pay that much. OK i went to my local post office and got a better price.  I sent him an email through eBay and told him the new price, to which he replied OK but i do not have a paypal account (My ad said PayPal only), so i backed down and said he could send a money order.  He said that wa fine until 5 days later he said, it's ok my friend has downloaded the book from the internet so i won't be needing yours anymore.


Correct me if i am wrong but the guy has technically entered int a contract and should pay for it.  Now begins the arduous task of a dispute for which i have to wait for 8 days before i can get my FVF back.


Be on the look out fellow eBayers, if you want to sell in the UK only, do not back down.  Cancel foreign bids and save a headache.

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