Block Bidders who have'nt paid for the item EASY

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This is a guide on how to block bidders who have'nt paid for the item which you have listed. 

I find ebayers who do this very annoying and time wasters.  As a seller, it takes alot of time and effort into getting the Final Value Fee back from ebay

Before taking any of the below steps please try to communicate with the buyer as there could be many reasons as to why they have'nt paid such as holiday, family emergency etc.

One of the first things to do it to report it to ebay via the following link (report an unpaid item).  At this point you are able to put a claim in to ebay to get your Final Value Fee credited back to you.

To ban the bidder from any future auctions that you may have you can do so via the following link (block bidder)

I hope this is helpful to any sellers who come across a non paying ebayer like myself.

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