Blocking Bidders, False Feedback, Shill Bidders & More

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How to Block Bidders:

Quick link how to block unwanted bidders/buyers:

Block Bidders Page

Only block bidders who you know are troublesome or abusive or out of your sending region - you should use it as a last resort as otherwise you are just shooting yourself in the foot. You can of course unblock people at anytime just remove their name from the list and update.

Unpaid Items.

If you open an un-paid item dispute for an item and the buyer still refuses / doesnt pay, after you have issued an un-paid item strike to the buyer you have the option of blocking them straight away - I would recomend doing this otherwise you may have the same trouble again. Unfortunately even though they have received an unpaid item strike they can still leave feedback and even more unfortunate some choose to lie and leave negative feedback. This is out of the sellers control and should follow up on the feedback appropriately so other people can see. Ebay should ideally disable buyers leaving feedback for an item that they have received an unpaid item strike on!

Bidders from other countries

To avoid hassle with international transactions make sure you tick "block bidders in countries I do no post to" especially with electrical items and mobile phones as these attract scammers from abroad.

False Feedback

Some sellers in direct competetion (mainly sellers from HK) will set up a false account and buy from their competitor selling the same products as themselves then leave negative feedback to make the competitor look bad. Its very hard to spot this but I go by the sellers response, other postive feedback received and the requency of the bad feedback.

Shill Bidders

Its hard to spot them but you can try. If you bid on an item and get out bid in small increments it could be an indication of shill bidding as they are driving the price up but dont want to outbid you. If you click on the other bidders name you can see their bid activity with the seller - if it is 100% it is most certainly a shill bidder and should be reported (as its very rare that only one person buys from just one seller).

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