Blu-Ray & HD-DVD's vs Upscaling HDMI DVD Players.

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I have read other guides on the subject of Blu-Ray & HD-DVD's and looked into it myself. A lot of people are of the assumption that Blu-Ray & HD-DVD's of older films are not true HD, as the film wasn't filmed in HD so it has had to be Upscaled to make it a HD version. This is UNTRUE. Most movies were filmed in 1920x1080 resolution and when put on DVD they had to in effect downscale it for the DVD release. Therefore with the HD release (Blu-Ray / HD-DVD) they use the full resolution of the movie making it true HD. The myth aswell that a upscaling HDMI DVD player and a DVD is in effect the same as an older movie on Blu-Ray, HD-DVD is false. The version watched on the upscaling DVD player is a downscaled version which has then been upscaled. The picture quality is improved over a normal DVD player but not to the extent of a Blu-Ray, HD-DVD player. Thats all i wanted to say
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