Blue headlights, Sidelights, HID Xeon Kits. Please Read.

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I've come to find time and time again, people don't understand that a blue headlight or sidelight are illegal in the U.K

How do i know? I've been pulled over by the police that many time's it takes the pi**

It make's me laff that people sell this type of light time and time again, but alway's says it's FULLY ROAD LEGAL IN EUROPE 'E' marked. Have you never looked to see if it is? Well i guess'd mine was,

Just like you i'm always looking for the HID look of light for my headlights, or sidelights, Though you're never find one, as the lights you find on here that say  HID or xeon, are just some light with a blue tint to it. They will never look like xeon or HID lights, you'd need a kit for this, or just new lights for  around about £200+, or just buy a BMW.

My Point here is, That in the U.K it's aillegal to have blue headlights or sidelights, You can get away with a tint of blue in the main headlight as i have, But you're see alot of blue light's just for the side's Please people don't buy them, you're wasting you're time, They are 100% illegal even if they say E marked it's crap, E marked just means they have past a test to be sold. Please don't beleave me?? Ask a M.O.T station as they are an M.O.T failure,. I should know, it happend to me and i had to take mine out!

And another light, L.E.D are also M.O.T failures if used as a sidelight,  And also if they are blue, there illegal, but you can get away with white L.E.D in most cases.

Update 21.04 
I guess that more and more cars have day time running lights in some cases L.E.D i think you could give them some stick if they came up on an M.O.T

If you want to be safe just go with the Brighter, whiter lights you see on here , they tint blue as they get hotter!

But as with all the cars i've had now, When ever i replace the lights with tinted blue one's your find that they are darker then white ones, More the blue the less you can see on the roads. Test it you'reself, put a white light and a blue one, see which one looks better when you point your headlights at a wall, or even better still put the blue tint headlight in, point them at a wall, then put you FULL main beam on, Your see that the full beam over powers the blue tint or xeon light you think you have.

Another update, though not here with us yet, but i have been told it will be in 2013, Aftermarket HID-Xeon non OEM fitted kits will be an M.O.T failure and if pulled over by the police your be asked to have them removed.

Aside from road use and not being pulled over, If your car is going in for an M.O.T just pop out the HID kit, and pop the old lights back in, No need to remove the power kits to the HID, just move the lights out the way, or zip tie them up, After the M.O.T pop them back in.

This is ONLY for aftermarket units, OEM fitted HID kits do not have the same rule.

Oh and if you go for aftermaket HID kits, please try and fit them, so the don't blind other drivers at night, and also, go for 6000k whiter the better, The high end blue ones are really poor at night, Plus by sticking to white, your less likely to get pulled over.


Hope this help's




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