Bluetooth headsets - Innovation not always better!

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With this brief review about Bluetooth mobile phone headsets, I would like to invite you to take a moment and read this so that I may point out to you why an innovative idea does not necessarily mean it will enhance your life in every way. Whereas there is no doubt that Bluetooth being innovative in many of its aspects, I would like to take a moment and clear up why this can not be said about mobile phone Bluetooth headsets.

Does it sound familiar to you; You are on a call with another person and you can not understand a word that is spoken? You keep asking the other one to repeat every spoken word until your frustration reaches boiling point and you beg the person on the other side of the line to switch off their Bluetooth headset, but their pride of having purchased a new Bluetooth headset encourages them to keep using this innovative piece of technology.

As innovative as Bluetooth technology may be, it actually is more of a hindrance for mobile phone voice communication. Have we not all experienced the above conversation and have either asked the person on the other end to switch their Bluetooth Headset off, or have we been the person that tried to convince the receiving one that even though you are talking to them through your Bluetooth Headset, they should be able to understand you clearly and if they can not, it is not because of your headset? At different times, I have been both.

If you can, communicate with your friends, family and especially business partners by actually holding the mobile phone to your ear and mouth. Yes, I am talking about the way that used to be most normal to make mobile, or for that matter, telephone conversations with. What's the advantage? You will not look like a fool walking down the street, appearing to be talking to yourself and what’s more, the person on the other end of the phone can actually understand what you are saying!

It is surprising that Bluetooth has gained that many followers amongst the mobile phone voice communication industry, considering what a disadvantage this technology actually brings to communicating with each other. Any manual attached mouthpiece/microphone delivers better if not perfect quality conversation than Bluetooth Headsets. I have purchased a new phone a few months ago and got a free Earplug and Microphone with my new cell phone which you could easily attach to your phone by cable. Additionally I have purchased this cool and innovative Bluetooth headset - only to realize, the Bluetooth headset was such a waste of money for reasons stated above. The earplug and microphone that came for free with the phone, deliver much better service than any Bluetooth Headset I have ever tried. Innovative is not always better!

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