Bo concept furniture

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Bo concept    is now officially my favourite shop.   i visited my friends house who has had a Bo concept sofa for a couple of years. He bought it from the Bo concept Glasgow shop. I had to sleep on it as he was too selfish to give up his own bed and it was exceptionally comfortable as a sofa and even as a temporary bed! I nearly died when you told me what he paid Bo concept for it but you get what you pay for I suppose.

I have since visited Bo concept myself and bought a 'Bo concept modular sofa'. I was able to pick the exact sections I needed to make up the size I needed, are Bo concept the only people to do this? Why? It was spectacular. They even let me pick the style of arms and legs for it. It must have been Bo concept that did the world's longest sofa in the city centre last year.

Bo concept certainly know how to charge for their stuff but when the Bo concept sales guy told me it is made to order and explained the difference between a good leather and some of the crud out there I felt it was worth it.
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