Boat Maintenance Accessories Buying Guide

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Boat Maintenance Accessories Buying Guide

Boat maintenance accessories include any item meant for cleaning or maintaining a boat including repair tools, cleaning equipment, boat covers, tow ropes, cables, and electronic parts. Buyers should consider what they need to maintain their boat, repair it in case of an emergency, and keep it in optimum condition. Usually, accessories include actual equipment, basic safety gear, as well as supplies for maintaining a boat.

Accessories for maintaining a boat can be purchased at sailing shops, some marinas, and online shops and stores. Online buyers should check the store, shipping cost, and shipping time before making a purchase if they need the items before a specific time. They should also consider the price, suitability, and practicality of the maintenance equipment before making a purchase, as well as whether it is for a sailboat or motorboat, and for what size of boat the maintenance kit is for.

Basic Safety Gear

Every boat owner should have basic safety gear in case of emergency repairs. These should include goggles, anti-slip rain or deck boots, heavy gloves, a lifejacket, a buoyant heaving line, a manual bilge pump, a water proof flashlight, and basic patch and maintenance gear. Usually it is a good idea to keep a stock of different hull plugs at hand in case of an emergency. Using a hull plug can temporarily patch a hole in the boat and stop or slow leakage so that the owner can return to harbour and patch the boat properly in safety. For sailboats, it is important to add a sewing kit with a heavy duty awl to the safety kit in case the sail rips or tears.

Most local marinas have a full list of all safety gear that is required for boat owners. This list usually includes simple safety and tow rather than actual maintenance gear but it is important to ensure that all of the items are on the boat. Some of these items include tow lines and cables that can be used for repairs as well and might include specifications for local dangers or issues such as reefs or common storms.

Boat Maintenance Tool Kit

Every boat should have a maintenance toolkit to be used for repairs and basic check-ups on the system. Many tools can be purchased as standard tools rather than specifically for a boat but some, such as water vacuums, gaff hooks, and splicing fids, have to be chosen specifically for the boat. Another consideration is that the exact tools needed greatly differ depending on whether the boat is a sailboat or has a gas motor. The chart below lists a full tool kit that might be necessary for sailing enthusiasts. Some items can be stored on a truck or boathouse and not always on the boat. However, others, including basic safety and repair equipment, should always be on the boat.

Boat Maintenance Tools


Wrench Set

Basic multi-sized wrench set plus one adjustable wrench

Socket Set

3/8 and 1/4 socket set

Set of Pliers

Standard, needle nose, wire stripping, and channel locks


Electric, plumbing, roll thread, sealing tape, duct tape

Spare Drain Plug

Fitted to the boat's drain plug

Screwdriver Kit

Multiple tips and heads or a screwdriver with exchangeable tips

Spare Fuses

Matched to the boat's fuses

Wire Brushes

Stiff wire brush for removing debris, salt, or rust

Bilge Pump

Aerator, bilge, or hand pump


For checking electrical connections


Bailing or gardening wire


Buoyant cord or line

Clips and Buckles

For straps, ropes, and sails

Splicing Fids

Metal bars for tying rope and line together in case of a break

Sharp Knife

For cutting damaged rope

Spark Plugs

Sized for the boat

Jumper Cables

Any size, longer is better

Tow Rope

15 to 30 meters of tow or anchor rope for rescues

Sailboats should include ripstop tape, a heavy duty sewing kit, and extra lines and cables as well as extra fids in case of rope breakage. All tool kits should be stored in a waterproof box and secured somewhere above or below the cabin. Many people choose to purchase a waterproof box and then wrap it in plastic for extra security in order to avoid damage to the tools. Anyone with a metal boat should include a riveter in the toolkit.

Buyers who own fibreglass hull boats should consider purchasing patching equipment including sandpaper, plastic wrap, masking tape, a fibreglass repair kit or resin hardener, and paint that matches the hull. This equipment can usually be left at home or at the boat dock as it takes several days to patch and repair a hull and then allow the patch to dry. Most hull patching kits come with a 'how-to' so it is usually better to purchase one of these than simply fibreglass patching equipment. Owners can also choose to skip purchasing the patch kit and take the boat to a professional to have it repaired to look like new.

Cleaning Equipment for Boat Maintenance

Cleaning equipment is an important part of boat maintenance, but can mostly be left on the dock in a vehicle or boathouse rather than being brought along for each sailing session. Cleaning equipment should include basic boat cleaning fluids and brushes. Including items to keep the boat in clean condition after the maintenance can also help to prolong the life of the boat.

Cleaning Fluid

Cleaning fluids can be purchased online and offline. A basic set should include bilge cleaners, salt solvents, hull cleaner, and aluminium or fibreglass cleaner, depending on the hull of the boat. Purchasing a basic floor cleaner to be used in scrubbing the deck and the interior of the boat can also be helpful for basic cleaning. Cleaning fluids should be stored on the boat in waterproof containers so that they do not leak.

Scrubbing Tools

Most cleaning kits should include basic scrubbing tools including long handled deck or garden brushes, short handled brushes, wire scrubbing brushes, sponges, rags, and mops. Some of these items can be purchased from anywhere and many can be interchanged with any variants intended for use outdoors. Scrubbing tools intended for the hull should be chosen so as to not scratch the paint.

Cleaning Maintenance Accessories

Some basic accessories can be purchased for preventing maintenance issues. These include waterproofing agents, teak sealants, sealants, anti-mildew agents, salt removers, waxes, and polish. Buffers, pads, soft cloth, fabric wipes, and sandpaper can also be included to help keep the boat looking like new. Usually individual care chemicals are sold for fibreglass, vinyl, aluminium, and wood, so it is important to pay attention to what the care product is intended for.

Boat Storage Accessories

Most boats require some storage care, especially when being put away for long periods of time. A basic boat cover is one of the best investments that a boat owner can make because it protects the interior of the boat from dust, sunlight, and debris. A waterproof boat cover should also prevent the boat from filling with water in case of a heavy rain if the boat is moored outdoors. Anyone who plans on storing the boat in a trailer or away from a harbour for a long period should consider purchasing tie downs, a boat trailer, straps, balancing blocks, as well as deodoriser and anti-mildew powder or spray for inside of the boat. Storing a boat indoors requires less maintenance and preparation but it is still important to have the tools and pumps to empty the boat of water and then preserve it from mildew, rot, and rust during the storage period.

Buying Boat Maintenance Accessories on eBay

Boat maintenance accessories,, including those intended for repair and cleaning of sailboats or motor boats, can be easily found on eBay.. You can choose from a range of cleaning supplies and repair equipment including spare parts, extra drain plugs, essential tool kits, fids, and basic safety gear. You can also choose between new and used items, depending on your budget and preference.

You can search for individual tools and supplies or choose to look for a kit containing most of the tools you need for repairs and maintenance. Adding individual items to a basic kit can allow you to cheaply expand on a single purchase. You can also choose to purchase waterproof boxes and storage containers for keeping your equipment safe and dry. Check the description of the item before you purchase it and consider contacting the eBay seller about specialty or used items.


There are many different accessories that can be useful for maintaining a boat. From basic cleaning supplies to emergency repair equipment, buyers can choose from items that protect and preserve their boat, or prevent more damage in case of an emergency. Most of the time a standard tool kit such as one for repairing an auto, storage covers and straps, cleaning equipment, waxes, and waterproofing agents are all that are needed to keep a boat in good condition.

Most boat maintenance accessories can be purchased in a marina or sailing equipment store, as well as in online shops such as eBay.. Some items such as electronic parts and plugs should be purchased for the size of the boat while others such as fids, cables, and tow lines can be purchased in universal sizes. Buyers should consider their budget and then choose items that can be used more often for their boat maintenance kit.

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