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hey E-bayers,

Im here to give you some advice on buying your your boat... may it be your first or 500th...


A few things to look for when buying the boat:

1) overall structure of boat and what its made out of (e.g. fiberglass,wood,steel)      Choosing what a boat is made out of seems a rather simple thing to think about but its not !. wood can be rotten or weak, fiberglass can be cracked,split or strained. and steel can have dents,holes.

2) Make of boat (E.g. Fletcher,shakespeare, etc..) It's always a good idea to go for a well known trusted brand of boat, this insures that you get a good strong one.

3) Age of boat, The age of a boat is very important, especially when buying second hand. boats can rott and crack away throughout the years of not being protected properly.

4) Wiring on boat, May not seem like much to worry about but if the wires are not all connected and covered properly they can spark and cause the boat the ignite.

How to avoid being ripped off.

When you go to collect or view a boat there are a few things to look for,

fiberglass boats: cracks,splits,and strains (white stretch marks).

wooden boats: splits,cracks,mold,damp (on the inside)

steel boats: dents,holes, treated properly.


its always a good idea to make sure the boat has been antifouled below the waterline.... antifoul is a special type of paint that stops green gunk growing under the waterline. This can severely damage boats especially wooden ones. so its always good to get it antifouled everyone season or so.


electrics are very important on a boat because if there not wired and protected properly they can spark and cause the boat to set fire ... thus for ... you... with no boat...


make sure the coils are firmly attached and well lubricated (ideally lithium lubricant) this can cause a boat to jam and not steer properly.... not great when your out at sea?


always ! make sure the trailer is road worthy, this means ( no rust, good wheels and bearing, painted with hammerite or red oxide, no cracks, splits or dents, a good toeing hitch.)


I hope this guide is helpful to anyone thinking off buying a new boat, if theres anything else you need to know just e-mail me and id be happy to help you !



P.S. please vote my guide helpful :)

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