Bob Martin flea treatments WARNING!

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please, please never use these products on your pets! I usually use advocate which is brilliant but i recently bought Bob Martin as my dog was going mental after catching fleas from my parent's dog. I have one dog and 4 cats- the dog was done with 1 pippete of the large dog (for dogs 15kilos) when he weighs 55 kilos. My cats were all done at the same time with the cat flea treatment. within half hour, all of the cats had weepy sore eyes and wheezing and one had uncontrollable diahorrea and sickness. it is now over a week since i treated them and an abscess which had been hidden under the dog's fur has just burst- he has a sore, smelly, pussy open wound on his neck. On taking him to the vet's, the first thing she asked was whether I had used a Bob Martin product (imagine my horror!) she then went on to tell me that in her small practice alone she has seen internal bleeding, blindness and fatalities all caused by their products and that the type of injury to my dog was very common! I have no idea how this is still allowed to be sold in supermarkets to an ususpecting public!

If you are contemplating using this muck please don't- you may be putting your pet's life at risk.

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