Body Armour Size Guide By Shaun Ward Vestguard

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Choosing the Right Body Armour

We know not everyone knows everything about body armour, so we are here to help choose the right kit.
Determine which level of protection you will most likely need. Details about the threats you may encounter in various parts of the world can be provided by VestGuard who will be able to advise you what levels you may require as a minimum.

Only buy the level of protection that you need. Buying higher levels may not be necessary and may reduce comfort and you will likely leave it home or in the boot of your car when you should be wearing it. Choose a suitable model that will provide the right protection for your requirements. You will be wearing it for many hours, sometimes all day, every day.

VestGuard body armour is dual purpose offering both stab and bullet resistance in one lightweight vest. For easy sizing, the Vestguard body armour is unisex, offering protection for both male and female customers. On occasion it may not completely fit, and so a made to measure service is available. However 99% of customers will always fit into a standard size. (see size chart below)

Size Chest Front Back Length Mid Ab Waist
Small 34-38 13 17 28 28
Medium 38-43 14 18 32 32
Large 43-46 15 19 36 36
XL 46-48 16 20 40 40
XXL 48-49 16.5 20.5 44 44
XXXL 50-51 17 21 47.5 47.5
XXXXL 52-53 17.5 21.5 51.5 51.5

Get measured correctly when you buy your vest. Make sure it doesn’t ride up into your throat when you squat, sit or bend. VestGuard body armour has been ergonomically designed to sit just above the belly button. At this point, the body begins to crease when sitting, causing the body armour to rise up if any lower. Panels include side panel protection as standard, choosing the correct size will ensure the front and back meet in the middle to protect from a side impact. I have always found that to small is better than to big, in fact I always worn a small size just for the comfort factor and the smaller the more covert!

How to measure your head
Take a measuring tape and place it around the circumference of the head, slightly above the ears.

Helmet Measuring Chart

  32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54
        M   L          
US 65/8 63/4 67/8 7 71/8 71/4 73/8 71/2 75/8 73/4 77/8 8
UK 61/2 65/8 63/4 67/8 7 71/8 71/4 73/8 71/2 75/8 73/4 77/8
CM 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64
 In 203/4 211/4 215/8 22 221/2 223/4 231/4 235/8 24 241/2 243/4 251/4
Contact Vestguard UK for data sheets and PDF docs Tel 01621 816614 
Contact for sizing sheets

Shaun Ward Founder Vestguard UK 2000-2011

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