Body Armour Supplies

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Thanks for reading my article, as a supplier of custom made bullet and knife resistant body armour i would like to shed some light on the subject..

When comparing body armour be aware of secondhand ex forces or ex police armour, this may have been damaged, and may not even be the material or protection level claimed.

This is your life your playing with please only buy new guaranteed, tested products from a reputable supplier such as ourselves, we provide test reports, and do not reuse old vest panels with new covers etc as alot of the cheaper ex forces or ex police vests on sale do, this is madness-you do not have any assurance of the panel age or especially what damage it has picked up during use!

Our ballistic vests use Dyneema, the latest advanced ballistic material, this is lighter, many times stronger than kevlar, and so more practicle for extended wear and use by positions such as close protection officers where lightness and agility count.

Compare also what some VEST suppliers are charging for the Dyeneema vests and then look at our Dyneema custom vests, you will be pleased you found our site.

I hope this has helped you make the right decision, do not compromise with inferior products when your life counts on it!

Regards Justin Jones

Sales Director

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