Body Jewellery

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Gem's Body Jewellery
Guide to body piercing jewellery!

NEVER buy 2nd hand body jewellery!  You don't know where it's been!  HIV and other nasty viruses can be transmitted through sharing body jewellery in piercings that may not be 100% healed (Navel piercings take 12 months or more to be fully healed!).
When buying body jewellery always make sure your seller knows exactly what they are selling.  A good listing will display the exact size of the jewellery and the material it is made from.

The part of the jewellery which passes through the piercing should be made of 316L surgical steel, low nickel steel, (eg Nikelite) grade 5 titanium, niobium, PTFE, bioflex, gold or acrylic.
Sterling silver is NOT a suitable material for body piercing jewellery, the nickel content is far to high and it would not conform to the EU Nickel directive.  If the charm on the jewellery is made from silver that is fine, so long as the shaft is an appropriate material.
BEWARE of sellers offering gold and titanium items at very low prices!  These are very often only plated and not solid materials.  This is fine if they are plated over 316L surgical steel, but do bare in mind that plating will wear away over time.

14carat gold is by far the best for body piercing jewellery, it is purer than 9ct and so contains less nickel, yet stronger than 18ct gold.  18ct gold is not very good for body jewellery, it is soft and scratches easily.  Bacteria can grow in the tiny scratches and cause infection.

It can be hard to tell the difference between an infection and an allergy!  Both appear red and inflamed and can be quite sore.  Allergies are usually caused by the nickel in many metals and can be easily solves by switching to a low nickel jewellery such as solid titanium, niobium, PTFE, Bioflex, or acrylic.

During the early states of pregnancy it is fine to wear a flexi acrylic belly bar in your piercing.  However as your shape changes you should really change to a PTFE or a bioflex bar if you wish to keep your piercing.  PTFE and Bioflex are completely flexible materials that will change shape as you do!  A suitable pregnancy bar will be slightly longer than average and should bend enough so that the top and bottom balls can touch each other without difficulty.

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