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Body shop

1st of I would like to point out that this was not sent to me (I wish) and this is my personal opinion btw this was a present so I didn't purchase it with my own money .

THE PURPOSE:  This product is obviously to remove your eye makeup gently and quickly with no fuss and can remover waterproof makeup as well it claims to do so anyway .

DIRECTIONS : take a hit onto a cotton pad and gently hold it on the lid for 10-15 seconds the swipe outwards to remove most of your eye makeup

THE PACKAGING: the packaging on this is simple and cute as the body shop always does its a plastic white bottle with a clear plastic lid ,a pretty daisy in the corner of the label with the traditional body shop logo on the top it has blue and black writing which compliment the whole color scheme .

DOES IT ACTUALLY WORK: ok so I found that it takes me 2 cotton pads to remove all my eye makeup on one eye I wear quite heavy eye makeup occasionally so it's really hard to find a makeup remover that remover waterproof everything and I'm so happy I found this which does .

THE TEXTURE: the actual product inside the bottle is a clear water based liquid if you shake it for even a second it foams up instantly with can be a good or bad thing but when you pour it onto a cotton pad it just spreads like wild fire you only need a little bit and it goes a long way

THE SCENT: the scent is a very very strong camomile scent if you don't like that at all then this is a product you just have to close your nose for it's really that good. I personally don't like the scent of it but I have learnt to deal with it .

THE AVAILABLY: this product is available on the body shop website and in the body shop stores I wish you could buy it on feel unique or in boots and super drug but unfortunately you can't which is a shame .

THE PRICE: the price of this product is £8 in the body shop  which I think is an amazing price for something that removes makeup effortlessly .

THE PROS : the pros of this porduct are ,
- packaging
- the price
-if it actually works rating

- the strong scent
-foamy ness
- it stings your eye
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