Bogus Ebayers with Zero Feedback

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So how many of you genuine ebayers out there have fallen foul of the idiot who seems to get great pleasure out of bidding on your item, only to disappear, never to return your emails once they have finally won your item? 

I am writing this having just been on the end of yet another scam!  It is about time E-Bay pulled its finger out when allowing these obvious freaks of nature to undermine a quality auction site.  I understand there are genuine people out there, just starting, with zero feedback.  After all we all started that way.  So what about it? 

Should we all sit back and let this continually happen or should we do something about it?  I for one would like to see a vetting programmed introduced to exclude zero bidders from bidding on items until all their credentials have been checked out.  Even go as far as limiting the amount they could bid up to until they have achieved a certain feedback score. 

I know this may sound harsh to some but something has to be done otherwise they will continue to flaunt ebay rules and eventually destroy its reputation and  credibility.  Its up to you to decide but I for one will cancel any zero bidders bid on any future auctions and even if they successfully bid at the last second will offer it straight away to the next lowest bidder.  In contravention of ebay rules I know, but as I said earlier; If ebay are prepared to standby and do nothing about this are they really going to punish genuine ebayers who keep them in business? 

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