Boilie Pellet Sticks

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Aniseed Boilie Pellet Sticks available from FLYAGARIC BAITS
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Aniseed Boilie Pellet Sticks available from FLYAGARIC BAITS

Boilie pellet sticks, the new hook bait

We have been making these pellet sticks for some time now and the feedback has been amazing.  So easy to use, simply cut or break pieces off and attach as a hook bait.  Fish are not silly and are becoming smarter by the minute, remembering that the round mass produced baits always lead to them being caught, fish learn this.  These pellet sticks allow you to create different sizes and shapes with ease.  Who knows, even the old wise monster, in your local fishery might be tempted by the changing shapes and super attractive nutrients and oils.  The picture shows some different attachment methods and gives you an idea about the texture of this bait.  It is soft enough to hook, yet tough enough to remain seated on the hook or hair rig.  People have even cut these up to use for feed in PVA bags and method feeder mixes.   Made fresh, using original techniques and old school recipes, a pack in the fishing bag is a must.  Thanks for reading, if you wish to know anything about our baits or want advice, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Tony (Flyagaric Baits Founder)
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