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Boinggers is an old school puzzle game suitable for anyone.
The concept is simple and plays very well.

You play as “boingger” a cute little thing that boings about on a floating grid of squares (stay with me here) The squares are at different heights, almost 3D’ish.
The aim of each level is to move boingger around the strange grid of squares and “highlight” each one, by boinging on it. Once all squares are highlighted you go to the next level!

Sounds simple and it is, for the first few levels.

After a while you will be introduced to nasty cute animals that get in your way.
Boulders and big rocks will occasionally move around the elevated and non-elevated squares trying to get in your way. If they hit you, you loose a life.
Snakes also bounce around. If they hit you, you loose a life.
Frogs will hop about too, if they hit you, you loose a life. BUT! You can boing on them and they vanish! However they are also quite annoying as every cube they hop on they un-highlight the square!
Hour glasses give you more time. And bouncy balls remove all things floating around the level and boing you to the starting position. This comes in very handy!

The game isn’t graphic rich and the “boing sounds” can get repetitive, especially if your not playing but it’s a great game and should be tried at least once. It’s a quick and small install and you don’t need the disk every time you wish to play. So if you’re in the mood it’s only 2 clicks away.

The game works on older systems too, including XP and may also work on VISTA!

It’s a must try for puzzle game lovers!

Dan The Man Scores The Game:

85 out of 100



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