Bond Elite Knitting Machine

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This is the future generation from the bond classic. Slightly more complex, but just as easy to learn. It knits to a slightly tighter tension over its 136 needles. This machine came as standard with row counter, no more trying to remember or counting back down the knitting! It also came with a more sophisticated yarn catching system, end stoppers yarn spring and guide, so if knitting from a free running cone you could go much faster, as you didn't have to keep stopping and unravelling more wool. All needles were individually numbered on the rails, again easier than previous models to get the exact number of needles. The cast on hems were easier to use and more flexible. This model also had a ribber attachment you could buy which was so much easier than the classic to connect and use. I would definitely reccomend one of these machines, they are quite common on ebay, they are worth the money. Look out for them on here but make sure they are complete!! Also be aware they have been out of production for quite some time now, so will be quite old. Also be aware when they are described as brand new, as the complimentary ball of wool and roll of shirring elastic that was always in bond boxes is often missing from the picture!

You should get:-

needle bed with 136 needles

2 table clamps ( secure machine to table)

carriage with yarn guide, spring and 4 blue keyplates

single prong transfer tool and latch tool

2 double and triple prong transfer tools ( for cables and fully fashioned edges)

1 yellow card ( line needles up at start)

4 cast on hems with rods, 1 double and 2 singles ( enough to knit on all the needles)

instruction book and basic patterns

edge weights

clamps (small clips to hold wool and cast on cord)

4 blue keyplates (size 1/2 3/4 5/6 7/8)


The Ribber Attachment  is also frequently available and can change over an hours letting down stitches and laddering them up with the latch tool into about 10 minutes work! Again do remember the Elite Ribber has been out of production for a good number of years so it won't be new!

The ribber should have

136 needle bed

2 clamps to attach to the main bed (with their own screws)

2  rubber spacers

2 carraige units ( with fairing bridge, yarn guide and spring)

2 nozzles ( to feed wool to needles on both beds)

1 green card ( to position ribber needles to forward working position)

1 double ended transfer tool

2 edge weights and holders

instruction and pattern leaflet

rib cord (to shape the rib after knitting)

possibly video cassette

6 red keyplates ( 1 pair each of size 3/4 5/6 7/8)

1 Stitch picker (used to pick up loops on ribber cast on)



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