Book collecting

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Book collecting is becoming a fast growing interest for people worldwide - helped by the internet and sites such as ebay that now make obtaining out of print and other coutry issues a lot easier

Many people collect books that may be of subject or type interest such as football biographies or fiction by their favourite author

The most collectable is usually the 1st edition - see our guide on how to spot a 1st edition - however a book can have several version of 1st - usually  hardback paperback and now more bookstores are offering special limited editions

Signed copies are also highly desirable

However now people are becoming more aware of other options including Uncorrected proofs and ARC's - what are these

Before  a book is published the publisher will often release an uncorrected proof - this might have typo's or not be exactly as the final version readily available on the street - sometimes they are a limited print run and always have the warning that for publication they should be checked against final print- usually these are issued a few months before final publication these are now becoming highly sort after especially if signed as they are not as readily available

Additionally a publisher may send out ARC's - these are advanced reading copies often sent to judge reaction to a new title or author - again they are often marked advance reading copy or have their own ISBN number

The ISBN is an individual catalogue number to a book and can determine the book print and full edition details and makes tracking down a particular edition much easier

Thanks to the internet it is easier now to collect your favourite book signed by the author in 1st edition from not only your home country but other editions as well as the uncorrected proof and other special editions

Many book collectors will collect the signed hardbacks and then obtain a paperback to read meaning they can leave their collection as unread but books were made to be enjoyed so HAPPY READING

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