Books on Biblical Coins

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Our knowledge and understanding of Biblical coins, their history and context, their distribution, use and manufacture is still growing, and as with most ancient coins, books about Biblical coins build on this evolution of knowledge and understanding.  There have been books about or at least sections covering Biblical coins for many years, and one of the first, and although now outdated, to be honest still one of the best is

The History of Jewish Coinage and of Money in the Old and New Testaments, Frederick W Madden (1864)

Containing many drawings and much historical information, originals are expensive (£100+), but reprints from Pegasus Publishing Co in 1667 are available for about £10-15.

In modern times, two names stand out in terms of popular books on Biblical Coins, Ya’akov Meshorer and David Hendin

Guide to Biblical Coins 4th Edition, David Hendin, 2001 0965402924 approx £45, is the default standard, and if you only buy one book on the subject, make it this one.  It is a well presented richly illustrated catalogue of just over 550 coins, all with a unique (and widely quoted) reference number

Not Kosher: Forgeries of Ancient Jewish and Biblical Coins, David Hendin, 2005 0965402932 approx £35, is a highly recommended companion guide, using the same reference numbers, but covering fake Biblical coins.

Both these books are available from the author, and I would encourage you to buy direct as Mr Hendin will also sign your copy on request!

Ya’akov Meshorer wrote many books and papers on the subject, but in a different style to Hendin, and often with more depth and passion.  One of his last and an award winning book is

A Treasury of Jewish Coins, 2001 approx £45 0965402916

Another to consider from Meshorer is

Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum: The Collection of the American Numismatic Society, Pt. 6 : Palestine-South Arabia, 1981 0897221877 approx £15.  This is a huge catalogue of The American Numismatic Society's collection of Palestine-South Arabian coins. Finely organized so that on facing pages, plates of the coins and numismatic texts are presented, and originally sold for £75

There are many more books available, often selling on ebay for around the £5-10 mark written by people like Rev Edgar Rogers, Florence Aiken Banks, Kenneth Jacob and RS Yeoman.  While these are worth a look, and all have value, they do not represent that rounded catalogues of the above books.

Richard Plant - 'A numismatic journey through the Bible'
There are many new books promised too that you should look out for, an updated book from David Hendin, and a new publication from Richard Plant, provisionally titled 'A numismatic journey through the Bible', due November 2007 price £12.

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