Bosch KTS 670 Vs. Bosch KTS 650

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People have been messaging me with regard to difference between the two units so i thought i`d make a quick note.

Improvements to the 670 from the 650.

  • More powerfull CPU
  • Larger Hard Drive
  • Higher Ram
  • Reworked Diagnostic Board

Making use of Easy Connect adapters possible

Better Scope functions than 650

  • Can Bus circuit built into unit
  • List price less than the 650.



  • Uses same ESi software
  • XP Embedded Operating system
  • Looks almost identical
  • Touch Screen

Myths on the 670.

  • Its not a wireless diagnostic unit, the confusion with this is to do with the KTS540 and 570s.
  • The Dvd Drive is not built into the unit
  • Not all the cables will be directly transferable between the 650 and 670.
  • Its not exactly the same as a 650.
  • ESi is the same as Autodata.(its not)

Please get in touch for more help and info.



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