Bose Stereo

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If you are buying a Bose Stereo off ebay consider the following:

1. Is it real?

2. Does the seller have any proof? IE Genuine photo and not a copied one!!!

3. Search other similar listings and make sure you are not getting ripped off.

4. Do not buy if you are not too sure.

5. Check it out with the seller before you buy.

6. How long has the seller been an ebay member?

7. Will there be any excise duty ( Tax )  if bought from overseas?

8. Will the radio tuner Work in the UK? ( Some foreign units use different Frequency Range )

9. How does the seller want to be paid?  Never wire your money abroad to places like China, Hong Kong, etc Because it is highly likely that you are being ripped off!!!

Please consider all of the above, it is important!!!

Hope you found my guide helpful.


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