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Thought of buying TowBars , TV and heck a washing machine off Ebay for just peanuts?! Won it already.? But the cheap purchase has a HUGE HIDDEN PRICE-TAG, the POSTAGE COSTS.

Everyone knows, anything bigger than a A3 Paper Box, ROYAL MAIL Don't Deliver.Right? WRONG!
They go by the name of PARCELFORCE! Same company, different methods. I have a Contract account with them and charge me a FLAT RATE OF £10 to anywhere in ENGLAND,WALES and MAINLAND SCOTLAND (anything up to Stirling). Best of all, they pick it up from my buyer! Cheeky? Darn rite you said it. Imagine the p&p the seller would charge you for the 20 odd kilos of TOWBAR, dragging it to the local post office will cost you anything up to £107 (30 KG Limit) plus his handling fee. The only trouble is, the stuff must be PACKED PROPERLY! And there is a Size Limit in terms of Volumetic. A good guide is that, as long as you can tie off 4 tyres on top of each other , that's the shipping limit. The Driver & handlers will cuss you for that, but hey, they are paid to do it.

But what if I bought a Cooker or Washer or Even a Sofa? Definitely they will Not do it! Here comes the tricky part.

If you have a HATCHBACK, you can FOLD your rear seats up and acts up just like a Pickup truck. And Yes! I fit my Washer in there. Make sure you CAN CLOSE YOUR BACK LID, otherwise you will need to secure it PROPERLY with Straps (not just plain rope , No NYLON! ) and you have to drive SLOWLY and put a ORANGE / RED High Vis strapped to the Overhang (if any) otherwise the Old Bill / Copper will knick you for Dangerous Load / Driving and worse off if VOSA / MOT stops you as you are NOW CLASSED AS A COMMERCIAL VEHICLE! That is at least a good 500 quid fine and a ban from the courts.I can tell you that cos I got nicked few years back and cost me 5pts and 200 quid fine in 2001!

Otherwise, Either hire a VAN (about 40-50 quid/day) or Box Trailer and drag it down yourself. Your FULL TANK OF FUEL will last you about 250 miles round trip @ 56mph / 90kph.

Overall, the cost is HUGE, so BEWARE BEFORE YOU BUY!!

If you think it's SHIPPABLE , and want to save on your postage, give us a buzz.Save your back and get the Royal Mail to pick them up.Otherwise, call parcelforce direct to open a contract account. Good if you think you will send up to 500 parcels a year or so... just a rough guide.

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