Bouncy Castle Accessories Buying Guide

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Bouncy Castle Accessories Buying Guide

The first Inflatable Castle was created in America, 1959 by John Scurlock. It was developed for entertainment and has become a very popular outdoor activity in the years since. There are many Accessories available for Bouncy Castles,, and while some are necessary for safety, others simply add to the enjoyment of the Castle.

Searching for Accessories can seem confusing, due to the number of different accessories for sale. The following guide will examine which Accessories are a must and how to find what’s needed on eBay..

Whether it is chairs, inflatables, water slides, pegs or cables; this guide should identify the stages and accessories required to enjoy the bouncy castle.

Choosing Bouncy Castle Accessories

There are a large number of Accessories available for Bouncy Castles and it can be confusing deciding what parts are really needed. Having the correct accessories will ensure the safety of others and is an important factor to take into account. Bouncy castle accessories can be divided into two categories, Necessary Accessories and Additional Accessories.

 Necessary Accessories

There are some Accessories that a Castle should never be inflated without. These either help keep the Castle secure to the ground, or keep it inflated. Never inflate a Castle without these, as it may become dangerous to those around and inside it. The following section will identify the different types of accessories required for a bouncy castle:

Bouncy Castle Fan Blower

Fan Blowers are the engines used to inflate the Bouncy Castles.

Both Electric and Petrol Fan Blowers are available.

Electric Fan Blowers are measured in Voltage.

Petrol Fan Blowers are measured in Horse Power.

Electric Fan Blowers tend to be a lot quieter than their Petrol counterparts.

Size and power output of a Fan Blower should relate to the size of the Bouncy Castle to be inflated.

Fan Blowers exclusively made for Dome Bouncy Castles are also available.

Some Electric fans have a reverse function and are capable of deflating the Castle far faster than it would naturally.

Flexible Hose for Fan

This is what connects the Fan to the Bouncy Castle. Without this the Castle cannot be inflated.
As there are different sized Fans, make sure to check the size of the Hose will fit on the Fan.
Generally made from a durable plastic.

Cables + Mains Leads

These are used with the Electric Fan Blower Engines.
The Mains Leads connect the Engine to the power source.
These cables require a mains source to provide power to the engine.
Check that length of the lead is suitable for the space between the power supply and the engine.

Bouncy Castle Sand Bags

These Bags are filled with sand and help keep the Bouncy Castle fixed to the ground. They are an important accessory for any Bouncy Castle due to the possibility of strong winds blowing the Castle away.

Bags are sold empty unless it states otherwise on the Product Page.

Sand Bags tend to be inexpensive.

Metal Clips for connecting Sand Bags

These are the Clips used to connect the Sand Bags to the Castle.
Can come in snap on or crab form.
Not sold with Sand Bags unless it states so on the Product Page.

Bouncy Castle Safety/Crash Mats

The Mats are kept around the entrance of the Bouncy Castle to prevent people that fall out from hurting themselves.
It is important to make sure that there is the right amount of Mats to fit across the length of the entrance.
If children are using the Castle then it is advised to stack the Mats three high.


Pegs are used with the Sand Bags to keep the Bouncy Castle secure to the ground.
Make sure the number of Pegs is adequate for the size of the Castle.
Peg Bags can also be bought to keep the Pegs safe and together when not in use.


The Groundsheet is placed under the Bouncy Castle before it is inflated.

This keeps the Castle clean and protects it from any stones or sharp objects that could potentially cause a tear or rip.

Additional Accessories

Additional Accessories can range from Bungee Cords for Inflatable Run Courses to Cleaning Fluid. They are meant to add to the enjoyment of the Castle, and therefore are not vital in keeping it safe.

Fan Cover

The Fan Cover is flame retardant and will keep any possible fires from the engine under control. It prevents any lose debris from being sucked in and damaging the fan. Although it is not deemed a necessity, it is advised to buy one.

Bouncy Castle Repair Kit

Although uncommon, it is possible to find a tear or rip in the Bouncy Castle. The Castle is fairly straightforward to repair and these Kits will supply everything that’s needed to do so.
Be aware of the size of the rip in the Castle when choosing a Repair Kit.


Special Hammers are used with the Pegs so as to not cause damage.
It is not advisable to use standard Hammers as these can bend the Pegs.

Bungee Cord

Used in an Inflatable Run Course.

Pit Balls

Pit Balls are used in Inflatable Pits.

Very popular with younger children.

Sticky Velcro

Some Bouncy Castles use Velcro to keep the entrance closed when there are people inside.

Depending on the type of Castle, there may be the option to change the Velcro or replace it if it becomes damaged.

Sack Truck

A Sack Truck is a valuable tool in transporting the Bouncy Castle and its accessories.

Deflated Castles are usually quite heavy so a Sack Truck helps with the load.

Wind Anemometer

Depending on the size of the Bouncy Castle and the location it will be inflated, a Wind Anemometer can be a very important accessory.

The Wind Anemometer tells the speed and direction of the wind and can be used to work out if the Castle will need additional Sand Bags or Pegs to keep it secure.

If using a large Castle in an open space make sure to check the wind speed.

Bouncy Castle Straps

The Straps keep the tent tied together when deflated.

Bouncy Castle Cleaning Fluid

Special Cleaning Fluid is needed to keep the Castle clean from dirt.

Storage Bag

Used to keep the Bouncy Castle safe and clean when not inflated.

Check the size of the bag to make sure that the Castle will fit.

Buying Bouncy Castle Accessories On eBay

eBay houses a large selection of Bouncy Castle Accessories. With an idea of what accessories are needed, log on to to begin the search.

Click Search By Categories located beside the search bar. Click “All Categories”.

This will link to the Categories page. 

Scroll down to the Toys and Games heading and click “more”.

Click Outdoor Toys and Activities..

Enter Bouncy Castle Accessories into the search bar and press enter.

Add in extra information to find specific items e.g. Bouncy Castle Sand Bags..

Accessories Listings Page

The Accessories Listings page contains what’s available to buy on eBay. Search filters can be edited here.

The Categories, Condition, Price, Seller and Location of listings can be changed by using the tables on the left of the page.

The page can list 25, 50, 100, or 200 listings at a time. To change the amount of listings shown scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the relevant box.

The Sort By table controls what is show and in which order. Bouncy Castle Accessories can be listed by the price, time left on auction, distance and condition.

Individual Product Page

Clicking on the title of an Accessories listing will bring up the item’s individual product page.

Accessories for sale on eBay are listed as Bid Now,, Buy It Now or Best Offer..

All Accessories listed on eBay should have a picture. If there is not picture, one can be requested by using the Ask a question feature. If buying a used Accessory, check for visible defaults or damages in the photo.

The Ask a question feature is also used for any enquires about the Accessory.

The description box will include important information e.g. amount of Pegs, size of Groundsheet.

The cost for postage and delivery time is found on this page. Keep this in mind if the Castle is needed for a special occasion.

Information About The Seller

eBay operates on a rating system that ensures people deliver the items on time and as described. If they fail to do this then they can receive bad ratings. Always check a seller’s rating and history before making a purchase. For some of the more expensive Accessories it is a good idea to check the current retail price. This will help to decide if the price on eBay is fair.

If there are any problems with a transaction, contact the Resolution Centre.. Their page is found in the Customer Support drop down menu, located on the top right of the screen. All transactions on eBay are handled by PayPal, and all eBay users are protected by the Buyer Protection Programme..


Although Bouncy Castles are great fun for people of all ages, it is important to have all the relevant accessories to ensure the safety of those using it. These accessories can create advantages such as added enjoyment, as well as, safety improvements.

eBay covers all bouncy castle accessories with a greater selection than is found in stores, and other online retail outlets. The site also offers more value for money and a quick and easy way to buy the accessories needed.

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