Bouncy Castles - to hire or not to hire - that is the ?

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There are many bouncy castles to choose from on ebay and one of the most common questions asked is this:

Can I hire it out to make some money?

The simple answer is this..................................

Many of the bouncy castles on ebay are what is known as Domestic Castles, the biggest manufacturer of these in the UK is Duplay.  All of Duplay's castles are very nicely designed and competitively priced, however, they are for garden use only.  They are not designed to be hired out commercially and as such should only be purchased by people who want them for their own kids.

You can't realistically expect to pay less than £300 for a bouncy castle and hope to hire it out for £60 a time - if you could then everyone would be doing it! (me included!)

The Duplay castles are great value for money and are very high quality but they are not suitable for hiring out.  They are designed to be used by your own kids in your own garden a few times a week. 

If you are hiring a castle out you can expect 10-20 children a time to be using it and for it to be given a real hammering whilst it is being used.  You can't realistically buy a commercial grade castle for much less than £800.

If you are interested in setting up your own business to hire out castles then you should take a look at the website of the British Inflatable Hirers Association.  Just type those words into google and it will show you the website as I am not allowed to mention it here in this review.

The British Inflatable Hirers Association and has all the information you need to enable you to set up your own business.

I hope you find this guide helpful


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