Bowers and Wilkins DM1 Loudspeakers

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This is an underrated speaker. A little larger than the very popular LS3/5a, it doesn't have much of a following in England. The Japanese Audiophiles have discovered it, though. Using 3 drive units in what is a small cabinet, it combines an unusual EMI elliptical bass/mid. glass loaded cone driver with the classic Celestion HF1300 tweeter and STC 4001 super tweeter. This tweeter/supertweeter combination is used in highly respected speakers such as the Spendor BC1. The main thing to be aware of is not overdriving the speaker, as the EMI unit can easily be damaged.  Apart from that, the speaker has an open midrange, with very little coloration. The tweeters give a smooth open presentation, particularly good on violin tone and female voice.  The bass end doesn't have that '125 Hz hump', which gives a degree of weight to the bass end of the BBC LS3/5a. The bass of the DM1 is somewhat understated, not boomy in any way even when close to a back wall.  The LS3/5a  needs a considerable distance behind it to give a good sound balance . The good news is that DM1s can be found for a little as £60 a pair. Once the Far Eastern collectors start buying them ( much like the LS3/5a ) the prices will inevitably rise. Check, if you plan to buy, that the bass/mid unit has four small square foam pads on the cone. This is a neccessary part of the design. If the unit doesn't have them, the speaker may have had a replacement unit fitted. If so, the DM1 will not perform correctly. The HF1300 and 4001 appear less likely to damage if the speaker has been used correctly. As mentioned previously, used correctly and not overdriven the DM1 will give much listening pleasure.


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