Bowl Pro Trimmer Leaf bud Spin Tumble cutter Machine Silent Hydro

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Sick and tired of spending hours and hours trimming your plants?
The Bowl Pro Trimmer puts an end to this suffering. 
The flower buds are placed on the grill. When you place the lid on top of it and turn the crank, the buds start to roll over the grill while they are pressed lightly against the grill. Turning the crank also causes a fine cutting wire underneath the grill to spin rapidly. The grill can be taken off, so that you can empty it right away onto a drying rack or collection bin. A drill can be attached to the top if required. 

The Bowl Pro Trimmer is supplied with 2 different blades (1 Cross + 1 Straight Blade) This is down to your personal preference which you decide to use. The blades will cut at very high speed to minimise waste.

Made from quality materials
Like a lot of the Bowl trimmers on the market today. The Bowl Pro Trimmer is not made from cheap plastic. The base is made from stainless steel and the top is made from glass which makes it perfect for viewing all that trimming in action!
The Bowl Pro Trimmer is aimed at medium and large size projects.

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