Boy's Cabin Bed Buying Guide

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Boy's Cabin Bed Buying Guide

A standard bed is a primary piece of bedroom furniture that is used as a place to relax and sleep, while in comparison a cabin bed is basically a raised version of a standard bed. The cabin bed provides the user with key storage space underneath the bed structure and uses a short step ladder to ascend the top.

These are very popular with young children, especially boys, as not only does it make their room and bedtime in general, more exciting but possessions can be placed underneath the fixture.

eBay fully lets a buyer search for a cabin bed with all the required factors of style, comfort and safety, and this guide will fully describe everything a buyer will want to know when buying a boy's cabin bed, as well as the positives of a purchase coming from eBay.

Types of Cabin Bed

The main three types of cabin bed that can be purchased either through a furniture store or on eBay include:

* Captain's Bed- A captain's bed is a very simple form of cabin bed as the place holding the mattress is just slightly raised to make room for various storage facilities such as basic drawers and deep storage compartments. Captain's beds are ideal for storage without the worry of placing a child's bed in a high, precarious position.

* Mid Sleeper's- Mid sleepers are a hugely popular choice as they allow for children to organise their space to their own creations with sections of fully customisable storage options. Mid sleeper cabin beds are stylish and fun for both children and parents and will have an assortment of different sections such as mini-wardrobes, shelves, drawers and pull out desks or simply a plain empty space.

* High Sleeper's- A high sleeper is a much higher version of a mid-sleeper so there is room for major pieces of furniture such as sofas, desks and chairs underneath the bed. The main positive of a high sleeper is that they are fantastic space savers and are perfect for rooms with little room for storage. However, the main negative of a high sleeper is that when sleeping on the bed a child feels the heat of the room much more and there is also a larger danger that if the child were to fall off the mattress because of the greater height, it could be dangerous.

What to Consider when Purchasing a Boy's Cabin Bed

Boy's cabin beds are a fantastic choice for children as they make a child's bedroom a more happy and comfortable place to be. Cabin beds will make the child more comfortable and at ease when going to sleep. They also create a more relaxed but fun environment. This is especially helpful if a child is generally hyperactive before bedtime or has a bedroom without much space. However before buying a boy's cabin bed there is much to consider and the purchase should not be taken lightly. Buyers must think hard about:


The main point to consider is what every parent looks out for when buying an item for their child, safety. As the child will be spending a lot of time unattended in the bed it is paramount that the parent can feel confident that the child will not fall, or the item will not collapse.

Consider the type of rail that will surround the bed as if it is a mid or high sleeper rails will be vital as they will keep a child from falling out of bed in the night. It is important to make sure that the rail is durable and is sturdy enough to not wear down if heavy pressure is applied to it.

It is also important to consider if a child is old enough to sleep in a cabin bed, as if they are too young, they may not understand the dangers of playing around on top of the bed. There is no specific age that is suitable as it varies from child to child, but a parent should only purchase the cabin bed if they are fully confident of their child's safety.


A major factor to consider when purchasing a cabin bed is what material the cabin bed will be made out of. The two main materials that cabin beds are made out of are wood and metal. Both have their positives and negatives and it comes to individual preferences rather than anything else.

* Wood- Wooden cabin beds will come in a coated board to prevent children from injury and more often than not, these are made out of beech or pine. Wooden cabin beds also come complete with wooden ladders that extend to the top of the bed.

* Metal- Metal cabin beds are frequently more found on high-sleepers as they are less likely to suddenly snap and collapse. The frame is more robust and generally comes with a painted finish and fixed ladder. Metal frames are more likely to come connected to accessories underneath the bed.


Whether the parent prefers a cabin bed for that bit of storage or for a handy way of fitting in extra furniture such as a desk, wardrobe or sofa, there is plenty of choice for every buyer. The quality of the shelves, drawers or other accessories should also be an important factor when buying for a young child.

It is also important to note when purchasing a cabin bed that a choice needs to be made of whether to buy a pre-made or in a flat pack kit. Pre made cabin beds often come used or second hand while a flat pack is brand new but the buyer must assemble the cabin bed themselves with instructions from the packaged kit. However, it should be noted that all cabin beds will come with a mattress unless the seller otherwise states.

It should be noted that changing the covers, especially on a high sleeper may be very awkward and it may need two or more people each time, however this is only a slight negative.

Where to Buy a Boy's Cabin Bed

Boy's cabin beds are a fun and innovative way of combining furniture, storage and fun for an affordable price. They can be bought from an extensive range of furniture and bed stores, as well as online specific stores. The offline stores though will not generally give you the detail and safety that purchasing on eBay will. eBay's mix of assorted choice and safe purchasing with a variety of prices mean they are a top place to purchase a cabin bead

When purchasing on eBay there a few tips that will help first time buyers especially ensure they have a safe and fulfilled buying experience:

* Thoroughly read the descriptions of the cabin bed before purchasing to ensure that it is the most suitable product

* Check the seller's previous sales and check their rating to see if they are mostly positive or negative. More sales and positive reviews could mean the seller is more trustworthy and make sure to review the seller after purchase to help contribute towards later sales the seller may have.

* Check if there is a warranty or money back guarantee fitted in with the price. If the product is not what is expected when it arrives then the buyer should know if they can get money back

* Check the delivery conditions as with such a large product then collection may be the only option and this may not be suitable

* Ask the seller any questions if you are unsure about something with the item

* Check all the details in the terms and conditions

If you decide to purchase a cabin bed then there a several ways do this. Buyers can purchase straight away with the buy it now option or they can simply place a bid, buyers may also sometimes put down a best offer. Everything bought on eBay will go through PayPal as this is an extremely safe and secure method of exchanging money and will ensure the transaction will go smoothly. Ebay users can also buy cabin beds confidently knowing they are protected by the Buyer Protection Program.


When searching a boy's cabin bed, eBay should be a priority choice as their extensive range of top quality and less expensive beds can be fully viewed at any time of the day and for long periods of time. eBay lets the user search through designs, themes such asfootball and brands such as Disney, along with any other variable that the buyer may consider.

First-hand experience with cabin bed is something that should be sought out so if unsure ask another parent who has bought a cabin bed for their child as their experience could be invaluable. This would be the best way to weigh up the positives and negatives. Both brand new and affordable options are available on eBay and if you are seeking further advice on purchasing or are worried, then you can contact any online suppliers or eBay customer support who possess a wealth of knowledge on the subject.

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