Bradford Barton Originals v Reprints

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The buyers of Bradford Barton picture books appear to me as a seller to be in part unaware of the history of the publication of them.

The originals were published in the 1970's and most of 1980's by a Mr Barton I believe in Truro..This was not his only publications,but these have not suffered the reprinting etc that the pictorial books.

The originals were published on a vast range of subjects in the main on railways,and in particular,the Midland lines ,GWR in great detail and a very good selection of Southern subjects..These books were well bound,quite often in colour coordinated bindings ,red midland etc,,The quality of photo reproduction were also very good..

Toward the end the 1980's the company closed down,I think due to financial issues..The stock from the company found its way largely to Booklaw ,who sold them as remainders..The owner of Booklaw David Allen,then was able to get the software for the printing of the books,and he started to get reprints done of some of the titles,largely Midland area ones...These and other reprints,usually have inferior or very inferior reprints of pictures and in addition do not have as thick binding ,and binding is virtually always black.

So you have the two types ,the BB versions superior quality and the various reprints poor quality and valued at less money.

Strange though I find that customers do not want to pay a premium for originals except for the likes of Vulcan Foundry and a few other titles.

The choice is yours ?
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