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Authentic Brands Information.

High class luxury items from well known designer brands are always in demand. However shoppers must be aware of the fake imitations that are circulating the market. There are truthful Vendors who admit outright that they are selling fake replicas, however a growing number of sellers will try and trick you in to thinking a replica is authentic. 
Xelbrands have thoughtfully listed some of the tell tale signs you should look for when your shopping for branded luxury fashion products.

Ensure that the company you are purchasing from have a good credibility. 

Stitching on original luxury brand items is always very neat, and a lot of the designers branded items are hand-stitched. The stitches should be even, regular, and strong. The handbags should be double stitched. The number and location of the stitches should be exactly the same.

So the next time you come across a designer bag and the stitch-work looks like something out of a Frankenstein movie, you can be sure that its a fake

Designer items should last for years. strong construction and pattern is a sign of quality. Branded clothes and shoes should be comfortable to wear in the right size. The right and left side should look even when you fold it in two, and the cut should be precise.
Designers always use the best zippers, handles, logos, and other accessories for their bags. Sometimes the zippers and handles are monogrammed with the brand logo. On some designers handbags, there are protective metal bases embossed with the designer logo at the base of the bags.

Do not get greedy when you spot a cheap Louis Vuitton bag, real Louis Vuitton bags are expensive. There is high possibility that if the seller allows you to bargain for the item price, then the items are replicas.
The Tags 

Always examine the tags, are they one of the tell tale sign of counterfeit products. Tags for luxury branded items can change every season depending on their brands. They are usually very carefully crafted and hand-stitched to the products.
How about the Made in tags? 
Should we always look out for "made in France" tag in Louis Vuitton products?
Not always,
and here is where it gets tricky..... Now, a lot of designer brands open factories in other part of the world outside of their home countries. Yes, there are some genuine luxury branded items produced in China. So seeing a made in China tag does not always mean the item is counterfeit. However, if you find this item from unreliable vendors and, you are unsure if the brand company produces their products in that country, it is a good idea to be cautious, especially when the tag says that the item was made in China, Taiwan or Korea,. or other countries which are not the home country of the brands.

Designer goods always come in excellent packaging. There should be a high quality shoe box for the shoes you buy. Nike shoes sold without a box or receipt are likely fakes. A lot of high quality shoe brands provide you with a pair of rod like plastic inserts to stretch your shoes to keep them in shape while you are not wearing them.
Handbags are sold in soft and high quality dust bags, sometimes with a booklet of how to care for your handbags, especially if they are made of leather.

The lining of the designer handbags usually has the logo of the designer house. Coach handbags will have logos on the lining when the exterior of the bag do not display a logo and vice versa; it will never have a logo on the outside and inside on the same item.
Aside from the logo, look out for the quality of the fabric. The lining should be strong and carefully stitched, just like other parts of the bag. The lining also should come from the finest material, such as velvet, superfine leather, or finest cotton.

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