Brand Guide: Caterpillar Safety Boots

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The Caterpillar brand takes its origins back to 1904 when The Holt Manufacturing Company developed the first treaded metal belt track system and introduced the first successful track type tractor; 20 years later The Caterpillar Tractor Company was formed when Holt Manufacturing merged with the C.L. Best Tractor Company.
Based in Peoria, Illinois in the USA, Caterpillar Inc. has grown into a global giant, selling more than 300 different machines and vehicles to over 200 countries around the world. For over 100 years Caterpillar has been the world's foremost manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, and Cat earthmovers are known around the globe as symbols of hard work, strength and reliability.
Industrial Footwear Incorporating Safety & Style
The Caterpillar Industrial Footwear Range began their developmental journey into retail in 1990, making functional footwear for the American worker. It's easy to see why they wanted to expand their brand to include high quality "Walking Machines" that workers can rely on. With the excellent standards already in place, Caterpillar Industrial Footwear was destined to become the best selling brand in its field and, following the introduction of the classic Colorado boot to Cat footwear, a huge range of work and urban footwear has evolved with genuine product features that guarantee maximum function and style values.
Safety Work Boots, Shoes and Trainers
The strength of the brand has allowed Caterpillar ® to expand its range of footwear beyond the expected range of rugged work boots and they now offer a line that extends from professional steel toe safety boots, shoes and trainers for men and women to stylish fashion footwear for sophisticated urbanites. The popularity of the Caterpillar ® brand can be explained by their established reputation among construction workers, and this industrial chic styling has become an important ingredient in Cat Footwear's fashion business.
Traditional Values of Quality, Durability & Reliability
Although marketing leans heavily on the Caterpillar brand, with the company's famous "yellow triangle" logo, Wolverine World Wide, following a sole global licensing agreement signed in 1994, now manufactures CAT footwear. Wolverine Boots and Shoes brand have a tradition of quality, hard work and commitment dating back to 1883 and now equip American workers with the world's most comfortable safety work boots. Their portfolio of brands includes Wolverine, Hush Puppies, Merrell, Sebago and Bates (law enforcement and military), and they have recognised that people want much the same things from shoes as they do from their industrial machinery: durability and reliability.
In the past decade and a half, Caterpillar ® footwear has evolved from work boots to offer a wide range of industrial and fashion patterns that make a style statement while staying true to their original goal of creating genuine, long-lasting shoes and boots. Cat's excellence shows through uncompromising commitment to quality, versatility and constant innovation.
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