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Stabila, the world's most recognised brand of professional measuring equipment, have been developing and manufacturing innovative measuring tools since 1889. For 120 years the accuracy and reliability of their products has gained them the respect of generations of tradesmen. The history of the Stabila Company, however, dates back even longer than this.
Early Measuring Innovations
In 1851 Anton and Franz Ullrich took over the running of the family business that had been founded in Maikammer, Germany in 1820 by their father. After noticing how carpenters made their own foot-rule - a measuring stick that was the length of the forearm - Anton had the innovative idea of connecting several rules together to make a better measuring tool. This was the birth of the folding rule, which later came to be called the Ullrich hinged rule. The rule quickly became so popular that it went into full-scale factory production in order to meet the high demand. In 1886 the rule was improved by joining the sections of the rule together with a patented spring joint. This innovation was just the start of many more patented ideas to follow and still remains the worldwide standard for joining rules today.
Pioneering Measuring Tools
Founded in Annweiler, Germany in 1889 by Franz Ullrich's son Gustav, the Meter Factory developed innovative designs and ideas for rules, spirit levels, pipe levels and plumb bobs, which were successfully exported around the world. By 1925, their patented measuring tool designs ensured that they were in a good position, manufacturing a complete range of high quality measuring equipment. In 1930 a patent was obtained for the pioneering idea of the pocket tape measure, still in use today. In 1948 the founder's grandson Gunther Leipold took over, as Managing Director, and the Meter Factory became the Stabila brand. In the time since, many groundbreaking developments have taken place, each focused towards craftsmen who require high quality, precise measuring tools.
Lifetime Accuracy & Rugged Construction
Stabila was the first German manufacturer of measuring tools to produce light metal spirit levels. In 1979 they devised and patented a system for casting the spirit vial directly into the body of the level by using a non-shrinking synthetic resin that ensures the long-term accuracy of the vials. This design remains unsurpassed today and provides the ultimate in precision, as it gives 100% accuracy at all times and for the entire lifetime of the level. Every Stabila level has a precision straight edge over its length, and the durable, rugged construction ensures the levels are able to resist heavy and repeated drops and knocks, in addition to tough daily use on the jobsite.
Laser Measuring Instruments
In the early 1990s, laser technology was introduced to both Stabila's measuring and levelling product lines and the era of electronic measuring equipment started. Since then, Stabila have continued to lead the way in refining and perfecting breakthroughs in the design and accuracy of all their laser products, which has resulted in several new patents being awarded. In 1994, laser technology brought about the introduction of Stabila's 80 LM system, featuring a patented precision base plate with magnetic mounting and rapid adjustment system - a unique design that is only available from Stabila. Today, Stabila's vast laser range includes laser spirit levels, point lasers, line lasers, rotation lasers and laser distance measures, popular with craftsmen, contractors, professional tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts worldwide.
World Leaders in Measuring Tools
The continued success with their varied technological designs and patents ensures that Stabila remain the world market leader in the spirit level sector, combining rules, spirit levels and measuring tapes. A continuously growing company that now supplies customers in over 60 countries throughout the world, Stabila's objective is to be the world's best and most innovative manufacturer of measuring tools, renowned for their permanent accuracy, ease of use and attractive designs. The entire development process on all Stabila products, from the initial ideas to the manufacturing of products, is carried out in house. Quality is guaranteed, and confidence in the 'Made in Germany' statement lives on.
Stabila have a dedicated team of professional employees who strive for excellence in productivity and design. Their designers and engineers relentlessly scrutinize new ways to make their tools more accurate, durable and convenient, safe in the knowledge that the more accurate and precise the tool, the greater the return in increased productivity will be for the user.
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