Brand New Wii Fit Available on Amazon for Under £60!

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There are such a lot of people selling Wii fit on ebay, the fact is most of them are selling for more than they can be bought for new! Ludicrous? I think so. This really stems from the fact that people seem to just buy (presuming they are grabbing a bargain) without checking out the prices to buy brand new from somewhere like amazon or Personally I would much prefer to receive a brand new Wii fit knowing that it has never been touched or opened than a one that may be in "perfect conditon" but albeit used, especially if it is working out to be cheaper.

There are many buy it nows for upwards of £70, I cannot understand why anyone would buy these when the same thing can be bought cheaper and from a potentially more trusted source. This is also happening with games. Some can sell for twice as much as they can be bought for brand new from amazon!

The moral of the story really is to check out the prices on reputable sites for new products before going all out to buy one from ebay.

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