Brass Musical Instruments From India

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Indian Sousaphones and Musical Instruments from India

There are many adverts in the musical instrument section for Sousaphones and other musical instruments from India. To be honest, these instruments are musically worthless. For instance, study the photos of the Sousaphones and you will see that the 'lead pipe' which takes the mouthpiece, is fixed by two legs onto the body of the instrument, this makes the instrument virtually unplayable as the 'lead pipe' should be articulated to enable the mouthpiece to be moved into any position. I have also researched these instruments, (including other 'brass' instruments from India) and, in most cases, the slides are fixed and will not move, the valves are constructed from sub standard materials making them too soft, thus they will wear out very quickly, usually within a year. Also the tube length and tube diameter of the instruments is incorrect meaning that they will never be in tune. Add to this the gauge of brass that is used which is slightly thicker than tissue paper then you will have an instrument which is, out of tune, incorrectly made, prone to dent very easily and likely to fall apart in a very short time.
I realise that the price (usually under £300 makes them an attractive proposition but considering that even a cheap, correctly made Sousaphone from a reputable instrument factory should cost over £2000 then you can see how poorly made these instruments are sp please be warned, any musical instrument from India should be avoided at all costs.
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