Breast Feeding - a Mom's 'I Love You'

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Breast feeding is a mom's special way of saying 'I LOVE YOU BABY' everytime she nurses. No one else can say it this way to baby. I have gathered together a few of the most helpful tips I have found over the years of breast feeding three kids.

  • Get comfy- sit down. lie down which ever is best for you and baby.
  • Get the midwives to help you to nurse laid down... believe me this is great for snatching a few extra hours of rest in the first few days.
  • These times are the most special parts of the day... leave the phone to ring, ignore the doorbell, forget the laundry.
  • Remember----- nipple to nose, tummy to mummy, baby to breast.
  • If you find it hard to position the nipple correctly... gently squeeze the areola top and bottom between the thumb and forefinger nd stroke the end of the nipple down across baby's nose and flip it into the mouth.
  • Big boobs make it hard to feed baby in the cradle hold.... try laying baby down beside you cuddled into you. Most big boobs point in that direction naturally.
  • Let breast feeding become a natural event in the household... older kids get used to mommys boobs very easily.
  • If visitors insist on coming round..... tell them where the kettle is.... they can make one for you at the same time.
  • Congratulate yourself with every feed.... you are amazing. 
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