Breville JK71 kettle - rubbish, Cookworks :-(

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Sadly, electrical items are no longer of the quality they once were and seem to have become fashion statements.

Last April I bought a Breville JK71 Cafe series cordless kettle reduced from £60 to £40 which is still a lot for a kettle. It is much too much to pay for a kettle that only works for less than 9 months.Purchased in April, it stopped working briefly in summer, then came back to  life until December when it refused to heat up at all. It has a concealed element, and is very noisy in use. At the time it died, the pretty blue light still worked  but nothing else did.The kettle had minimal use, was looked after and descaled regularly, as it is recommended to do so.

I have since read reviews on this kettle and have only found ONE person who  hadn't had it break down in around 30 reviews. If you have one, do not  return it to Breville as they will only offer you a discount on a new kettle,  so if you can, obtain a refund from the shop or company you bought it from and read your rights under the Trades Descriptions Act.I returned mine to the store it came from and was given a refund, having been  offered another kettle but strangely they are no longer stocking the faulty  model.

I have since bought a 9.99 Cookworks kettle. It looks good, is not as  ugly as the Breville one, and is as easy to pick up and fill as the Breville one and it WORKS!!

UPDATE - the Cookworks kettle was returned for a refund after a couple of months as it leaked and no longer reached boiling point.

I now have an Argos Value one for £4.99, and at the time of writing this, it is still working :-)

Do read reviews on the internet before purchasing a kettle, it can save a lot of annoyance.

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