Brightstar LEVIN Professional bike HID 12W 550 Lumens.

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Bought from eBay Link to ebay page

Manufacturer's Web Site is

The Light has arrived, next day delivery from EBay seller , nicely packaged in a fancy box, the lid says 3.5 hours run time, and inside is a nice storage bag.

The Bag contains a 4400ma lithium ion battery (there is a 5200ma option) is the shape of a cylinder about 6-7 inches long and 1 inch in diameter with two rubber mounts. The battery also has a switch on it on/off

There is the light itself 6 degree beam (there is an option of a 12 degree) it looks very well made, with a handle bar clamp, there is also a Helmet mount have not looked too closely at this yet.

The light comes with 3 filters that fit to the front of the light, behind a bezel for different conditions.
Golden filter for fog, rain or snowy conditions
Light Blue filter to raise colour temperature
Diffusion filter short distance wide range.

The charger can be plugged into the mains or has a cigarette lighter attachment as well.

An 120 cm extension lead for the cable between the light and the battery and various Velcro straps and a little screwdriver..

Turning light on it took a few minutes to warm up to a really bright light, Standing outside my back door is a 120 feet to the bottom of the Garden then the neighbours Garden and it could illuminate their back wall.

It is very blue white light, looks good cant wait to try it on the trail. Testing the light before going out on the trail the light has finally gone out after 3 3/4 hours of constant use...

been looking at the handle bar mount it is attached by a quick release clamp secured with a sort of wing nut. To enable me to clamp the light to the handle bar I had to remove one of the rubber grippers from inside of the clamp to allow it to fit to my standard (25.4) handle bars admittedly close to the stem. If you remove both rubber grippers it will fit (31.8) oversize bars. I also doubt it would fit round the stem. The bracket can move left and right and up and down. It can be tightened with a little screw. The platform can be tilted from level to point down this is in addition to the movement of the actual light.

Lights had their first test on the trail last night; they performed as well as I hoped. Particularly liked the ability to turn the light left or right when looking for a trail to follow.

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