Britax Verve - Do Not Buy!!!

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I have been using the Britax Verve for 6 months now, its lightweight, looks great, very nippy.  However, there is one major design fault it can't function on uneven pavements - as soon as the front wheel hit an uneven pavement, the whole buggy tips forward, you have to make sure you are holding on tight when pushing. I have lost count of the number of time my son has had a jolt from this. The final straw came when I was pushing him downhill and the buggy hit a a corner of a pavement and the whole thing tiped over with my son in it, I was lucky that he just ended up with a lump on the forhead and nothing more serious!!

I am seriously disappointed in Britax - I would have thought this buggy would have been road tested in the real world! - I have written to them with my view - wait the hear. I hope they take to product of the market or modify it.

I wouldn't recommend buying it - I wish I had stuck to a good old Maclaren instead of going for the looks of the Britax Verve!!

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