British Army Clothing and its size...

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We often get asked, dispite already having it within a product description, "What size is it?", "Will it fit me I'm 6ft tall and 44" chest?"... I think, other than people not reading descriptions thoroughly, that the way the British Military size there items causes some confusion:

180/100? or 80/80/1000?

What the hell does that mean I hear you ask. Well, it's actually quite straight forward.

Height/Chest size in CMs generally found on Jackets, Shirts and Coats

Leg/Waist/Seat in CMs found on trousers and shorts

A Jumper or T-shirt may only have one size, 100 for instance and this will pertain to the chest size.

Easy see. Well, then you get people who can't related there size to CMs, there Feet and Inches People. For this you have to employ some very simple equations:

1 Inch = 2.54cm

1 Foot = 12 Inches

So there you have it. You'll never need to ask us what size you are again. Well, that is unless I've forgotten to add it to the description ;-)


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