British Seagull Outboard Engine

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Made from 1930 to 1996 British Seagulls offer a number of different options for the boat enthusiast.  The smallest of the engines is the Featherweight, also called the Forty Minus Model 45 or Seagull 2.  This engine is ideal for dinghys upto about 10 feet, It comes in one shaft length. 

Next is the Forty plus or model 55 or Seagull 3.  This engine comes in 2 shaft lengths, standard and long and there is a clutched version too.  This engine is ideal for upto a 14 foot dinghy or as an auxillery although the next size up would be a better option for the latter.

Next in line is the Century or Silver Century.  Again, these are available with or without a clutch and again in 2 shaft lengths.  This engine is good for larger dinghys and as an auxillery.

Then comes the Century Plus and Silver century plus, these are the largest of the classic seagulls and are quite capable of pushing a 25 foot displacement hull boat along, they too are available as long and standard shaft with or without a clutch.

There are other seagulls available too.  The model 102 is a range of seagulls equivalent to the century and century plus but have the advantage of an all in one engine block and head and they also have a water injected exhaust making them run slightly quieter.

There is also the QB series, these were produced in the late 1980s and early 1990's and were developed in conjunction with Queens University Belfast.  The models offered were the Curlew, Osprey and Kingfisher.  These engines were of similar design to the originals with uprated horsepowers.

Most of Seagulls have fixed drive gearboxes, some have clutches and towards the end of the 1970s a reversing gearbox was introduced called the FNR.  This is a big heavy gearbox and was only available on the larger engines.

British Seagull Outboards were built as long living, low maintenance work horses.  Some of the early examples are still happily working hard and will still outlive modern outboards.  They require very little maintenance and nearly all parts are available for them.  For more information on them just do a search for Seagull outboard on any search engine. 

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