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Back in 1996 the major adventure games of that time were being released by the likes of Lucasarts (responsible for the long running Monkey Island series) and Sierra (Kings Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, etc).

However they were not the only video game studios involved in the adventure game genre, a UK based studio called Revolution was about to release what is now one of their most successful games ever, Broken Sword: The Shadow Of The Templars.

Revolution had already released 2 other games before Broken Sword (Lure Of The Temptress in 1992 and Beneath A Steel Sky in 1994), both of them were adventure games, but compared to the popularity of the Broken Sword series, it's not surprising that these two games are barely well known nowadays.

But anyway, in Broken Sword you play as George Stobbart, an American who is enjoying a vacation in Paris, but then gets involved in an mystery that will take him from Paris to Ireland, Syria, Spain and Scotland.
Along the way he will team up with Nicole Collard, a female French journalist who although stays in Paris for most of the game, she will be a big help for George for most of the game

The game uses a point and click interface which means you will be using the mouse to move your character around, and clicking on objects to interact with and characters to talk to, the interface is easy to use, the inventory which contains all the items that you will pick up throughout the game is at the top of the screen while your dialogue choices when you speak to a character is at the bottom of the screen

At certain points throughout the game there will be moments where you will need to be quick in getting George out of a situation, otherwise he will be killed. The good thing is however you can save your game whenever and wherever you want so you won't have to worry about having to go over a sequence again

The graphics are fantastic (even for a game from 1996), the developers used cartoon like animation for them and they even got composer Barrington Pheloung (UK gamers might know him for the score for the Inspector Morse TV series) for the music in the game

Overall despite the fact that point and click adventure games are no longer around, this was one of the best games in the genre, I highly recommend it

 Score: 9/10
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