Broken Wings?

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There's nothing more disappointing then to recieve your Fairy or Angel only to find that the wings have come off.

Don't panic!  In many, many cases, the wings weren't glued on with enough glue at the manufacturer's and the shaking about in the post will cause most fairies/angels to quake in fear and the solution is quite easy.  Just get some proper resin glue and carefully apply it to the base where the wings have come off.  Make sure that you don't let the glue drip down the back or it'll look dreadful.

Your Fairy/Angel will NOT be devalued if the wings do come off.  It's when they have snapped and broke at the points, or in the middle, that you should definitely contact your seller and arrange to return your fairy/angel back for a replacement or a refund.

I like to open the parcels before I send them and check the wings, if they're intact no problem - I'll see how delicate they are and place something inside to secure them for travel. 

I will even enclose a small notice about the fragility of wings so that the Customer knows to open their boxes and withdraw their fairy/angel very carefully.

Never, never pull your fairies/angels out by grasping a wing! Ouch!  Usually just gently pulling at the base and working it out slowly will prevent breakage.

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