Brow gel

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Choose Your Brow Gel

You can take your pick betweentinted and clear gel, depending on your individual needs. If you have sparse eyebrows and need to add in a little colour here and there, then tinted gel is your best bet. It camouflages the empty spaces in your brows and offers a fuller, as well as a controlled, look. Clear gel holds each small hair in place, but does not add any colour or tint to the brow. What you choose is a personal choice, but both types of gel control eyebrow hair.


Before Applying Brow Gel

Make sure to trim eyebrow overgrowth before applying the gel. Either pluck or wax your brows before considering brow gel. The gel helps create and set a look, but cannot hide hair  overgrowth. Use tweezers with a sharp edge, home waxing kit, or take a trip to the salon for a professional waxing. Use a bit of eyebrow pencil to fill in sparse areas if you choose to go with clear brow gel. Make sure the pencil stay uniform with the arch of the brow and matches your hair colour. Use a brow brush to comb the brow hair into the desired style or look.


Applying the Brow Gel

Your gel container will come with an applicator, so once you remove it, and then wipe off the excess gel at the top of the container much as you would with mascara. Carefully brush the gel onto your brows. Remember, a little goes a long way so a tiny bit should do the trick. If you apply an excessive amount of gel, it will likely flake when it dries.

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