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Hello Fellow Ebayers!


We are a small based team in the South East of England and having a passion for vintage clothing, so we thought it was only right to share our knowledge!

I personally have been buying vintage clothing for over a decade now, I refuse to pay ridiculous prices in high street shops when I can search the worldwide web or many other sources in which i will enlighten you shortly.

The beauty of vintage fashion is the pure QUALITY,  most pieces have been hand stitched with the best of fabrics, My great grandfather was a tailor in Savell Row, so I think it may be somewhere in my genes that I have inherited his passion for a piece of quality cloth!!

So why are we all going crazy for vintage fashion?  Today's clothing is mundane, not individual and the quality is poor, most pieces are made in India or China in sweat shops!! it has a life spam of a couple of wears, to have anything handstitched with quality fabrics today would cost an absolute fortune!!  To go to a run of the mill high street store today with a £100 in your pocket, you will be lucky if you walk out with two pieces of garments!  unless you head to Primark of course, but every other Tom Dick Or Harry will be wearing the very same piece and we would all  end up looking like clones!!

I have kept this as brief as possible guys and gals as I like to be frank and to the point, Vintage fashion is the way forward,  Save your pennies and saving the planet at the same time??  what a great achievement!!

Where to shop......  Ebay being number 1, Charity shops can also be a great haven for rare finds, Boot sales, though be prepared to have to wake up ridiculously early and haggling is the name of the game!

I really do hope you have found this review helpful, secondly please do take a look at our ebay shop ;-)

So everyone lets get ourselves out there and bargain hunt!!!

Love & best wishes from me, Nina & the team @ nancy-sassi xx (DONT FORGET TO CLICK YES IF YOU FOUND THE REVIEW HELPFUL)

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