Buck Stockman Vs Case Medium Stockman Knives

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Case Medium Stockman Knife   

Both of these knives are made in the USA and retail for the same price. The stockman knife is traditionally a livestock farmers knife. The design incorporates a spey-tip blade with a blunt tip, used for castrating livestock.  The other blades are clip-point and straight edge sheep-foot shapes. They are also perfect as a general purpose utility knife for cutting cardboard, string etc in a back-yard or work shop setting.  Case,  Buck brands have subtle design differences.  Their relative beneifts can only be appreciated after using both knives for a period of time.       
The Case Medium Stockman #0035 measures 9.5 cm (3.75 inches) closed and is a 2-layer design with brass liners and nickel-silver bolsters.
 All blades measure less than 3 inches, making this knife perfectly legal to carry in public the UK. The handle profile is kept low by utilising the same blade spring for the 2 smaller blades. The nickel silver bolsters are rounded off making the knife less likeley to wear a hole in your jeans pocket over time.
    The blades have a slight hollow grind which gives a very fine cutting edge and the chrome vanadium steel has phenomenal edge holding properties. There are those who swear by chrome-vandium steel because it practically never needs to be re-sharpened 

Buck Stockman Knife

 The Buck Stockman 301 Knife is slightly larger than the Case Medium Stockman, measuring 10 cm (4 inches) closed. Again the blades are within the legal limit for carrying in public in the UK.
The slightly thicker profile is due to the design utilising a separate spring for each blade. This is one of the distinguishing features of a factory productiuon folder, compared to the more traditional Case knives hand assembly. The blades open very smoothly straight from the box, compared to the Case knives which may be stiff to open at first and gradually wear-in over time.

The blade steel is the Buck standard 420HC stainless which has good edge holding properties whilst being easy to re-sharpen. 

The angular bolster shape, together with protruding blade tang corners gives a more bulky trouser pocket profile.  However, both these knives are classic designs, making excellent every-day-carry knives. 
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